A day in your life captured for the future.

Smiles, tears, small moments of a young parents’ despair and the inevitable smile that comes right after. Little things that stand for timeless images and invaluable memories. Shenanigans, cookie stealing, bath time, bed time, homework, time-out and ‘mouth-full-of-cookie’ laughter. This is your life, your moments.

True moments, Real memories.

Aiko eats a strawberry

WHO, What, where, when, how?

This is a day in your life so we will do things you love to do, together!

Walk the dog, bake a cake, go to the playground, to the beach, to the woods. We can enjoy an afternoon of outdoor fun or we can stay in. Have friends or grandparents come over at home, dance for no reason, do homework, get dirty, take a break when the baby sleeps, sit down and enjoy the sun, read a book at bedtime. Live just as you are used to. No scenery is too humble, no activity is too common, so don’t be shy.

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